Temples in Omkareshwar

Omkareshwar is a holy city of hindus and has 100s of  tamples in the city. Details of importent temples are listed bellow.


Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga campus

The temple has a grand Sabha Mandap (meeting or prayer hall) standing on about 60 huge brown stone pillar (14 feet high), elaborately carved with a curious frieze and fillet of satyrlike figures. Many of them have broad shoulders and meditating foreheads.The temple is 5 storeyed each having ....Read More

Mamleshwar Jytorlinga

The correct name is the Amreshwar temple. It is a protected Ancient Monument with good architectural stone work. Since the time of Maharani Ahilyabai holkar who expired in 1795, 22 Brahims paid by the Holker state, daily performed Lingarchan Puja. Each Brahmin was Provided with a wooden board ....Read More

Annapurna Mandir

There is an ancient type construction old Markandeya Mandir around which the Annapurna Temple Trust of Indore has raised a great complex containing a Sarva Mangala temple with the three goddesses Laxmi , Parvati and Saraswati

A 35 feet tall statue of Lord Krishna depicting the “Virat ....Read More

Shiv Pratima Mandir

Shiv Pratima at is about 90ft high. Bellow the huge statue of Lord Shiva beautiful temple is there. This managed by Sri Rajrajeshwari Seva Sanstshan Trust on the parikramapath near Gauri Somnath temple.


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Maa Rajrajeshwari mandir

 Maa Rajrajeshwari mandir is manged by Sri Rajrajeshwari Seva Sanstshan Trust on the parikramapath near Gauri Somnath temple

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Shiv Mandir Kailash Dham in Omkareshwar

Shiva Mission Nyas at Parikrama Marg has created a great place Kailash Dham. This holy place has shiv temple, Nakshrta garden and Store here.

Naksharta Garden

Nakshatra garden at Kailash dham is a great trial to demonstrate the trees related to Sign/Planets/Nakshtra. Each of the nakshatras is ....Read More

Vishnu temple in omkareshwar

Large ancient Vishnu temple in omkareshwar Also known as Vishnu Puri.

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Siddhnath Barahdwari (Siddheshwar mahadev) 

One of the most inspiring temple from architectural point of view, and was declared a protected ancient monument by lord curzon. It is on a plateau on the island hill supported by a huge plinth whose four sides are carved with about 5 ft high executed with singular ....Read More

Rin Mukteshwar Mahadev

Rin Mukteshwar Mahadev in omkareshwar it is believed worshingb in this temple solves the problems of debts.

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Sidhwarkut Jain Temples

Just as omkareshwar is one of the foremost of 12 Jyotirlingas of the Hindus, So is Siddhwarkut of the 24 tirthankars of jains. 

There are number of Jain temples in Siddhavarkut some old and renovated and some new ones. Some images found in the old temple bear ....Read More

Shri Ram mandir on prikrama path

Shri Ram mandir on prikrama path is part of sri Rajrajeshshwari seva sansthan trust on the parikramapath near Gauri Somnath temple.



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Patali Hanuman Mandir

Patali Hanuman Mandir is situated  on the prikrama path and has stetue of Bajrang bali. The god hanuman is lyimg in the temple.

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Omkar Math

Omkarnath Mission is an international human welfare unit of the central organization Akhil Bharat Jaiguru Sampradaya (Mahamilan Math Kolkata 108) established by his Holiness Ananta Sri Thakur Omkarnathjee Maharaj.

Ananta Sri Thakur Omkarnathjee Maharaj

PARAM GURUDEV Sri Dasharathi Dev of Digsui was the Guru Of Thakur Sitaramdas Omkarnath. ....Read More

Gauri Somnath Mandir

Temple, containing a gigantic six feet tall shivlinga, around which as the legend goes two grow up persons embracing it cannot reach their hands unless they are a internal uncle and nephew (Mama-Bhanja). The lingam though very old of a smooth black stone with shinning polish. There is ....Read More

Shri Gajanan maharaj temple

Shri Gajanan Maharaj mandir (Shegaon) is a place you must visit in Omkareshwar, The temple is completely made of marble and Dholpuri stones. The Bhakta niwas (Dharmashala) is here to make your stay pleasant

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