Siddhnath Barahdwari (Siddheshwar mahadev) 

One of the most inspiring temple from architectural point of view, and was declared a protected ancient monument by lord curzon. It is on a plateau on the island hill supported by a huge plinth whose four sides are carved with about 5 ft high executed with singular correctness and excellence of attitudes, in playful mood.

with deficient trunk with a mahavat on and a victim being crushed under foot. Two of them are removed and kept in Nagpur Museum. The rest are mutilated. The central shrine had an entrance on all four side with magnificent porches or Sabha Mandaps.

marvelously carved satyr like figure
All the four each containing 18 stone pillars 14’ high to the architrave, have marvelously carved satyr like figure. When complete the templet must have been an imposing structure with a cluster of 5 shikars, 4 on the porches and the 5th standing above them on the temple itself.