Pandits in omkareshwar

In omkareshwar there are about 400 hundred pandits from all the parts of India. All are good and helpfull many plays the role of acharyas in all kind of Abhisheks eg: Rudrabhishek, Lghu Rudrabhishek, etc



Pandit Dipak Joshi

Pandit Dipak Joshi does all the worships (puja-path) at omkareshwar as requested. / required. 

Like Abhishek, laghurudra abhisheak, maharudra abhisheak, atirudra abhisheak, maha-mritunjay mantr jap for others. 



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Anurag Joshi

Pandit Anurag joshi is a young reputed Pandit of Omkareshwar. and  does all the worships as demanded/required eg. Atirudra abhisheak, maha-mritunjay mantr jap, Abhishek, laghurudra abhisheak, maharudra abhisheak,  for others. 



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Pandit Jay Shankar Upadhyay

Pandit Jaishankar Upadhyay is a respected pandit of Omkareshwar, you are the chief priest of Shrimamleshwar Jyotirlinga Omkareshwar. Jaishankar Jagdish Upadhyay Contact for all types of religious rituals. Performs all worship recitations.

+91 9893010876 ,

+91 8305583214

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Pandit Sudhir Atre in Omkareshwar

pandit Sudhir Atre is one of the learned priest of omkareshwar.

Mob 09425333661 
Mob -09575111101

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Dankeshwar Dixit

Pandit Dankeshwar Dixit Omkareshwar is chief preist for jyotirling worship in the night puja

Mob 09425333753

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Jitendra Shashtri

Pandit Jitendra Shashtri in Omkareshwar is chief preist for jyotirling worship in the morning.

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