Omkar Math

Omkarnath Mission is an international human welfare unit of the central organization Akhil Bharat Jaiguru Sampradaya (Mahamilan Math Kolkata 108) established by his Holiness Ananta Sri Thakur Omkarnathjee Maharaj.

Ananta Sri Thakur Omkarnathjee Maharaj

PARAM GURUDEV Sri Dasharathi Dev of Digsui was the Guru Of Thakur Sitaramdas Omkarnath. His life of total surrender to his Guru is indeed a unique example of exclusive devotion to one's Guru.At the age of forty-five, He was commissioned by His Guru, to preach the Naam or the Mahamantra. In the days before He gave up His mortal body, Dashrathideva saw a dream set in celestial space. The dream contained a message: the Mahamantra was the only means to universal succour, in the present age. Dashrathideva conveyed this message to His disciple. By now Prabodhchandra Chatopadyaya had formally become a renunciate; he had donned the robe and assumed the name of ‘Sitaramdas Omkarnath'.

श्री गुरु गुफा 

ओम्कार मठ की गुरु गुफा में श्री भगवन श्री ओंकारनाथ देव कई वर्ष महा मौन साधना की, एक बार २२ माह (१९५५-५७) की लम्बी अवधि तक साधना चली, मौन अवस्था में अमूल्य अध्यात्म रत्न प्रकाशित हुए | उसमे से उन्होंने कृपा पूर्वक बाद में अतुलनीय अध्यात्मिक साहित्य में प्रकट किया |



Mamleshwar Jytorlinga

The correct name is the Amreshwar temple. It is a protected Ancient Monument with good architectural stone work. Since the time of Maharani Ahilyabai holkar who expired in 1795, 22 Brahims paid by the Holker state, daily performed Lingarchan Puja. Each Brahmin was Provided with a wooden board ....Read More

Markandey Sanyas Ashram

The markandey sanyas on the bank of narmda is one of the most reputed sanyas ashrams founded by respected late shri swamiji Ramanand saraswatiji maharaj. 

Care for Maa Narmada

Markandey Sanyas Ashram cares for river Maa Narmada and uses mud pump system to throw the used water and other liquids ....Read More