Shiv Mandir Kailash Dham in Omkareshwar

Shiva Mission Nyas at Parikrama Marg has created a great place Kailash Dham. This holy place has shiv temple, Nakshrta garden and Store here.

Naksharta Garden

Nakshatra garden at Kailash dham is a great trial to demonstrate the trees related to Sign/Planets/Nakshtra. Each of the nakshatras is governed as 'lord' by one of the nine graha in the following sequence: Ketu (South Lunar Node), Shukra (Venus), Ravi or Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Rahu (North Lunar Node), Guru or Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shani (Saturn) and Budha (Mercury). This cycle repeats itself three times to cover all 27 nakshatras. The lord of each nakshatra determines the planetary period known as the dasha, which is considered of major importance in forecasting the life path of the individual in Hindu astrology. Spritual Gift center at kailash dham is a good place to by authinticated articles like Rudraksha, Stones and other things used in the worships (Pooja)